CHRY Incentives

Details of the CherryLend Incentives Mechanism


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CherryLend introduces a distinctive incentive system, which diverges from traditional time-based "yield farming" models. Our approach centers on volume-dependent rewards, offering dynamic incentives based on the transaction volume on CherryLend.

CherryLend Incentives Structure

Reward Distribution

Participants in each completed loan transaction, including both lenders and borrowers, receive rewards in CHRY tokens.

Loan Tiers and Associated Rewards

Our structure comprises five tiers, categorized by the loan size and corresponding rewards:

  1. Cherry Pie Tier: 300–1,000 ADA value - Reward of 5 CHRY per loan

  2. Cherry Cheesecake Tier: 1,000–10,000 ADA value - Reward of 10 CHRY per loan

  3. Cherry Cobbler Tier: 10,000–50,000 ADA value - Reward of 100 CHRY per loan

  4. Cherry Pastry Tier: 50,000–500,000 ADA value - Reward of 1,000 CHRY per loan

  5. Cherry Sundae Tier: 500,000+ ADA value - Reward of 10,000 CHRY per loan

Safeguard Mechanisms

To prevent manipulation and ensure fairness, the platform imposes fees—a small percentage of the total loan size. This mechanism deters bad actors from exploiting the system for personal gains at the expense of the CherryLend community.

Key Aspects of Incentives Model

  1. Token Support and Bonuses: Rewards apply to all supported tokens, with an additional 10% boost for loans made using CHRY.

  2. Anti-Gaming Measures: Fees are strategically implemented to prevent self-lending/borrowing aimed at manipulating the rewards system.

  3. Adaptive Rewards Model: The incentives are designed to be dynamic, allowing for adjustments in response to evolving community needs and market conditions.

Example Scenario

Consider an active loan of 10,000 ADA. This falls under the Cobbler Tier, qualifying both lender and borrower for 100 CHRY rewards. The rewards will be disbursed a few days post loan acceptance via TosiDrop.

Emissions Timeline

The current system estimates reward depletion after 1.65 billion ADA in loan volume. This projection is based on dividing the 66 million CHRY incentive pool by the maximum Cherry Sundae tier reward (20,000 CHRY), resulting in approximately 3,300 loans at a minimum threshold of 500,000 ADA each.

CHRY Staking

Platform Revenue and Governance

Staking CHRY tokens grants stakeholders a share in platform revenue and a voice in governance decisions. Protocol fees collected are allocated to the CherryLend DAO, empowering stakers in the ecosystem.


CherryLend's CHRY incentives are meticulously crafted to promote platform engagement and sustain user loyalty. By implementing a volume-based, flexible rewards system with tiered incentives, we aim to cultivate a thriving, active community. Our strategy not only incentivizes platform use but also bolsters participants' governance and revenue rights within the CherryLend ecosystem.

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